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Emerging from the heart of the Blue Mountains, songwriter Claude Hay makes a triumphant return with his latest musical endeavor, 'Claude Hay and The Kung Fu Mustard.' This new three piece band is a sonic fusion that draws inspiration from the classics - old-school funk, rock-groove  riffage, and a hint of retro hip-hop - all of which have long been Claude's musical passions. With their infectious sound, they're set to elevate the energy on the dance floor, taking Claude's already electrifying shows to new heights.


Collaborating closely with producer-film composer Brian Cachia, who also showcases his rhythmic prowess as the band's drummer during live performances, Claude has meticulously crafted this fresh material. Brian, a longstanding friend and occasional collaborator, boasts a prolific career in Hollywood film scores. The trio is completed by the extraordinary bassist, Ryan Van Gennip from Chase The Sun. 


Claude Hay has been a shining star on the Australian festival circuit for more than a decade, clocking countless miles in pursuit of stages that can withstand the intensity of his rock groove riffage. His solo journey has spanned the globe, while his iconic homemade guitars have been the driving force behind five albums released over the past 15 years.

Get ready to groove with Claude Hay & The Kung Fu Mustard.


Hay’s solo accolades include album charting at #9 on USA Billboard Blues charts following appearing on USA’s National Public Radio Network (weekly listenership of 27 million ), ranking #5 on Amazon’s Blues albums of the year, winner of Best Male Vocalist and Best Song at Australia Blues Music (Chain) Awards, Winner of Best Live Act at Australia’s Independent Music Awards (MusicOz) and supporting the likes of Joe Bonammassa and Seasick Steve.

Hay tours Europe regularly, having landed the biggest blues festivals in Netherlands (Zwarte Cross, Moulin Blues and more) and Belgium (Blues Peer) as well as Poland, France, Germany and USA – where he started recording his 2012 album “I Love Hate You” at the legendary Sun Studios of Memphis.

It’s become a tradition for Hay to build a new custom guitar for each recording he does. There’s ‘Betty’, his double-necked guitar/bass which he made out of a kitchen benchtop for 2010’s Deep Fried Satisfied; there’s Stella, his  ‘Cigar Box’ guitar which started its life as a six dollar baking tin featured in 2012’s “I Love Hate You” and then there’s Jeri made out of 10 litre Jerry Can for 2016’s album “Roller Coaster”.

In his 4 year hiatus between albums of 2012 and 2016, Hay branched out with his hard-rock side project “The Gentle Enemies”, also produced a live DVD of the One Man Band show.

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